November 2, 2018

Moby Group remains committed to the same mission it has held since 2003 - to inform, entertain and educated the Afghan public - while safeguarding the interests and lives of its journalists and staff members. Like dedicated journalists around the world, the brave men and women of TOLONews knowingly take risks every day to chase important stories. We support and admire this courage, while simultaneously striving to provide the highest standards of protection. We insist on extensive training and physical protection to create secure working environments for our teams. We are resilient in the face of attacks, and believe our duty of care is enduring. When members of our team have been killed in attacks, Moby Group has stepped up to look after our employees’ families as we would our own in a manner befitting high status they hold in our hearts.

  • Since January 2016, Moby Group has lost eleven of valuable staff members in four different terrorist attacks in Kabul. 
  • These attacks have been extremely difficult for all members of the Moby family, but together, management and staff have stood together and helped each other in times of loss and mourning.
  • Moby Group has committed to provide ten years of financial support to the families of all those employees who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Moby Group is covering education costs of the minor children of our fallen employees and offers recruitment opportunities for an immediate relative of each victim.
  • Moby Group covers all expenses relating to costs incurred in the immediate aftermath of such tragic incidents.
  • For those who have been wounded, Moby Group has arranged for immediate medical treatment in Afghanistan, with supplemental specialised treatment and rehabilitation in India and Pakistan where needed.
  • Moby Group works to continually improve and enhance security measures to safeguard the lives of all its staff across Afghanistan.

As we work each day for a safer and more secure Afghanistan in which journalists from all news organizations will be free to do their important work unthreatened and unmolested we will continue to look after each and every one of our employees, and the families of those fallen employees to whom we are eternally grateful for their service.