January 26, 2018

MOBY GROUP and Snow Leopard Fighting Championship (SLFC) will officially launch the first
ever Fight Night in Kabul, Afghanistan at 9:00 pm Kabul time on 26th January 2018. The event
will be the first of its kind being broadcast live through TOLO TV and Lemar TV and will feature
three fights with the main card and co-main card featuring Russian fighters pitted against Afghan
fighters. The event serves as a platform for introducing best mixed-martial-arts fighters in
Afghanistan. It will be a source of great entertainment and inspiration for millions of Afghans as
well as a powerful agent for social change.

“Keep It In the Cage” will be Fight Night’s specific anti-violence platform, where Afghanistan’s
great fighters will encourage youngsters to be disciplined and to channel their fighting energy and
passion in the MMA Cage.

Fight Night is a long-term collaboration between two of Afghanistan’s premier sports companies-
MOBY GROUP and SLFC to be broadcast live at its peak hours.

Six fighters, four prominent Afghan fighters- Rohullah Mohammadi, Wahid Najand, Faizullah
Qaderi, and Hussain Bakhsh Safari- and two top Russian fighters- Kamil Magomedov and
Ramazan Ismailov, will battled in the first Fight Night.

Fight Night will feature three fights with each undercard fight consisting of five-minute rounds.
In the first fight in the 63Kg category or known as Bantamweight class, Hussain Bakhsh Safari
will go against Faizullah Qaderi. In the second fight and in the 74kg category, Lightweight class,
Wahid Najand will battle Kamil Magomedov.

This event also features a grudge Lightweight class fight against Ismailov and Rohullah
Mohammadi who had their last bought four months ago ending with Ismailov’s victory.
In addition to TOLO and Lemar TVs, the event will be aired live via the Fight Night Official
YouTube Channel. Audience may find more details and photos of the event on SLFC and Fight
Night Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MOBY GROUP is one of the leading integrated media and communications groups across South
and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Owning and operating over 17 businesses the group's
activities span television, digital, content production, radio, sports, and strategic communications.
With a reputation for innovative and ground-breaking content, MOBY's award-winning
programming has received accolades from the Sundance Film Festival, Reporters without Borders,
Foundation de France and the Seoul International Drama Awards.

SLFC stands for Snow Leopard Fighting Championship is an Internationally recognized
organization that is based in Kabul, Afghanistan. At SLFC, we are aimed to develop, promote and
advertise mixed-martial-arts in Afghanistan. Since opening, SLFC have presented five
tournaments of mixed martial arts vastly participated by Russian athletes.

SLFC’s first tournaments on 22nd April 2016 was a big event largely participated by athletes and
audience, where they experienced a brand new hall of mixed martial arts’ in the cage. The overall
purpose was to present the best MMA fighters from all fields of sports like Jujitsu, boxing and

Interested national and international viewers are most welcomed to watch live broadcasting of the
matches through TOLO and Lemar TV channels. SLFC have got A-Z arrangements for the SLFC
MMA fighters in the big event such us Internationally recognized trainers and world class hall and

At SLFC, we are after promoting a world-class MMA tournament, where we could introduce
Afghanistan fighters to the world and get the athletes fame and fortune.

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Fight Night:

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Social Media Officer
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